Corporate Affiliation Discount

Carolina West Wireless is pleased to offer employees of companies, who have a corporate affiliation agreement with us, a discount. Eligible customers must be on a currently advertised qualified rate plan to receive a discount on their monthly line access fees. The employee’s organization must meet the criteria of the discount program for the employee to receive the discount.  Carolina West Wireless will notify the employees and remove the discount if the organization is no longer eligible. 

Enroll in the program by filling out the form below and submit the appropriate legible proof of employment. Please note the Carolina West Wireless account must be in the person’s name affiliated with the respective organization and the proper documents supplied. A Carolina West Wireless representative will verify the form and apply the discount to your account. Please be sure to include a valid email address for us to provide status updates or contact you in the event of a discrepancy.  Once enrolled, all customers must recertify within twelve months from their initial enrollment.


Each year you must provide proof of eligibility. Eleven months following the initial enrollment or recertification, customers will receive an email to recertify and submit current proof of association. Customers will be given thirty (30) days to recertify and provide proof of association. You must be on a currently advertised rate plan to receive the discount. Failure to be on a current rate plan or to recertify will result in a removal of the discount.

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